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Dr. Martien Kooyman, Psychiatrist Hoyledesingel 10 3054 EK Rotterdam The Netherlands e-mail: [] Tel/fax: (+)31 10 4610390

Curriculum vitae of Martien Kooyman, MD, Phd.

After his medical studies in Leiden University Dr.Kooyman worked for two years in a psychiatric hospital in Kampala, Uganda, Africa. After his return in the Netherlands he specialized in Psychiatry and Neurology. He is the founder of many treatment centers for addiction in The Netherlands: among them, in 1972, the Emiliehoeve Therapeutic Community in the Hague, the first drug free therapeutic community on the continent of Europe. He was co-founder of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities and of the European Federation of Therapeutic communities of which he is one of the honorary vice-presidents. He was also co-founder of the European Working-group On Drug-policy Oriented Research (EWODOR). He was the Medical Director of methadone programs in The Hague and Leiden, Pro-gram Director of The The Hague Drug-free Program, Medical Director of the drug departments of the Bouman Foundation in Rotterdam and Director of Treatment of the Jellinek Centre in Amsterdam. He has been teaching at the Department of Preventive and Social Psychiatry of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. More recently he was the Medical Director of the clinic for World War II victims of the Centrum \'45 in Oegstgeest, the founder of its Unit "De Vonk" for psychiatric treat-ment of refugees and the Medical Director of the Phoenix Centre for the treatment of refugees with psychiatric disorders in Wolfheze near Arnhem. He has a private psychotherapeutic practice. He is a Teaching Fellow in Bonding psychotherapy, also called the New Identity Process, developed by dr. Daniel Cas-riel. He currently works as a consultant for addiction treatment programs in the Nether-lands and other European Countries. He is a member of the Advisory Council on Prisons and other Penal Institutions and Youth Protection of the Minister of Justice. He is chairman of the a prevention foundation for adolescents from minority groups, chairman of the Emiliehoeve Friends Association and board member of the Phoenix Foundation for support of refugees. He published many papers on addiction, therapeutic communities and refugees. His book on therapeutic communities for addicts is published in English and has been translated in the Spanish, Polish and Tsech language. In 2003 he received the award of the European Federation of Therapeutic communi-ties for his contribution to Therapeutic community Practice, training and research.

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