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Adrian's Notes of Telephone Meeting of 1-12-2005. Actions are in bold

1. Update: So far it looks likely that we will receive 11-13 chapters out of a possible 29 (25 EU countries + Bulgaria, Norway, Switz, Russia).

2. The list on has some omissions such as Italy. AW to ask Olivia Hirst to comment. (current wiki version of the list is at Therapeutic_Communities_in_Europe )

3. Jan agreed to revise the proposal and guidance for authors 08.12.05. Will send this to JKP and use in new communications. TCIE New Book Proposal - Latest Version /

4. AW will ask Kevin H and Tony Slater for money for admin support and about ATC/EFTC logos on book

5. All agreed order of editors: Fees, Lees, Worrall, Broekaert . Fees to be first editor, Worrall to continue as "lead editor".

6. CF/JL to add Jan to research chapter

7. CF to email Brit in Switz – and check email address

8. AW offered 8 days of admin support. CF to compile a task list for admin support

9. Agreed 45 minute telephone interviews would be good: CF to include 2 days of interviews in task list.

10. CF to email JL his publications list as this goes with proposal to JKP. CF - DONE

11. Agreed timetable (see row below)

i. Dec JL revises proposal and guidance

ii. Dec AW begins search for funding

iii. CF continues to recruit authors with letters of invitation and guidance for authors, including all UK authors

iv. CF continues to ask authors for first drafts

v. End of Jan stop all searching for new TCs

vi. By end Jan CF completes all invitations

vii. End Feb CF first chase up for agreement to contribute

viii. End March CF second chase up for agreement to contribute

ix. 09.02.06 11am-1pm CF, AW, JL meet at CRU in London

x. Telephone interviews start in Feb

xi. End Mar JKP sends out contracts to all authors

xii. Mar first batch of chapters edited and sent to JKP for quick comment

12. Administrator supplies monthly status report on each author contacted.

13. CF to find Antoine Appeau, a TC expert from France

CF 12.1.2006 :

Dr. Antoine Appeau

Le Mas du Colombier

38 110 La Chapelle de La Tour


14. Rex H to supply the contact details for Moscow TC (met at Grendon). AW to email


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