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Adrian's Notes of Telephone Meeting of 2-2-2006. Actions are in bold

General comment: Slow but steady progress, many new TCs being identified. Team now ready to finish invitations, read through first chapters and move on to chasing chapters.

1. JL to send proposal to JKP

2. AW to follow up Kevin and Anthony Done

3. CF to get URL for American (prison TC) standards Done

4. CF update:
    • CF reported no responses from Romanian connection, Austrian, Russian link or Brit
    • CF to write to Brit in Switzerland
    • Germany has expressed interest
    • Danish pulled out
    • Other updates on wiki website

5. JL to do Greece, AW to do Spain - read and make comments wrt guidance - not edit

6. Bulgaria and Poland to be allocated next

7. CF to check with Mark Freestone - new website will be set up w/c Feb 6th 2006 Trial site up 8.2.2006

CF 14.2.2006 - Up and Running

8. CF to identify TC organisations in France

9. CF to complete all invitations by end of February. Including Rex + Rowdy for UK chapter. These will include an option to be interviewed by telephone.

10. CF to update editors notes on wiki website to inform follow up CF 16.2.2006 - in ongoing progress

11. End March: Admin first chase up for agreement to contribute

12. End April: Admin second chase up for agreement to contribute

13. March: Telephone interviews start

14. End April: JKP sends out contracts to all authors

15. April: first chapter edited and sent to JKP for quick comment as sample chapter

16. Publishers: JKP, Elsevier, Karnac, Radcliffe, Springer


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