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The Therapeutic Community Open Forum Yahoo Group


This document or message gives you important information about using the group.

Please save it for future reference.


1. Welcome to the group – what and who is it for?

2. As a new subscriber

3. The group on the World Wide Web

4. "Netiquette" on this group

5. Objectionable use

6. Sanctions and responsibilities of the Moderators

7. Addresses for web access, subscription, unsubscription, problems and receiving emails

8. Archiving of messages – copyright

9. When/if you leave

10. Group owner/administrator/maintainer/moderators

1. Welcome to the group -- what and who is it for?

Hello, and welcome to the Therapeutic Community Open Forum (TC-OF)

The TC-OF is for anyone interested in therapeutic communities and related issues.

Membership of the forum is open to anyone.

The TC-OF Group is a joint project of the Association of Therapeutic Communities (ATC) a British-based but international organisation, the Planned Environment Therapy Trust (PETT) that amongst other activities maintains an Archive and Study Centre for the therapeutic community field, the Community of Communities which brings together therapeutic communities, both in the UK and internationally, in a systematic quality improvement process that incorporates peer-review, sharing of ideas and joint discussion; and the Charterhouse Group of Therapeutic Communities whose members provide specialist treatment, through therapeutic care and education, to severely emotionally deprived and damaged children, young people and their carers.

It is also supported by other organisations, and significant individuals in the field internationally support its role.

Whilst the Group is a project of the above, what is said on the list does not necessarily represent the views of the sponsoring organisations – these organisations believe in the rightness and usefulness of a wide and diverse expression of views, but cannot take responsibility for the specific views expressed.

2. As a new subscriber

As a new subscriber please introduce yourself to the group. Although you may wish, for a variety of reasons, to withhold your name and specific identifying details, it will be valuable to the group as a whole, and important to its discussions, to know something about you: why you have joined, what you may hope to gain from it, your experience or role in relation to 'therapeutic community', your current interests and concerns. After that you are welcome to sit back and listen, or to take part as you wish: Always knowing that this is your group as well as others', and it is you that brings it alive and makes it relevant and worthwhile for others.

Please note the “netiquette” in section 5 below.

3. The Group on the World Wide Web

The Yahoo home page of the Therapeutic Community Open Forum is

You obviously were able to subscribe successfully, but if you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please let us know at

The group also has a wiki web site, located at . This is a facility which is open to every member of the group, to share thoughts and projects, to develop threads, to enhance the group and the world of therapeutic community more generally. To develop a web-page or to explore ideas and possibilities further, get in touch with , or with .

Furthermore, there is a TC-OF chat facility, open to members. Please see for more details.

Please browse to the group's web-presence at and use the facilities there, including access to the agency web sites and a very useful search engine.

Please also look at Radio TC International at .

4. "Netiquette" on this group

Please keep messages to the point and as close to the group's remit as possible, but remember we're generally people with a wide definition of our field and reasonable senses of humour.

By all means disagree and say so, but try to keep disagreements with the content of messages, not attacks on the person of the sender.

Do not use the group purely to advertise commercial services, even pertinent ones. Advertising of your causes, possibly even your own services, will be fine if you can reasonably assume others will be interested and if you do contribute to the group in other ways at other times. "Reasonably assume" should be based on some experience of the group, i.e. don't just join and immediately advertise services or take up your cause!

Your messages are copied to everyone else on the group (when technically possible; even Yahoogroups sometimes blinks, so do not automatically assume that a really important message has reached everyone)

Anything you say is copyright to you (or should be - watch out when quoting others!). If you post to the group, it is assumed you give free permission for any member of the group, now or in the future, to read your submission and to quote it, or parts of it, back to the group. The group is archived and available to all members, and this should be remembered. You are encouraged to give permission for others to quote you off the group too but anyone, including us, should get your permission to do so. Anyone quoting material from the group is asked to give reference both to the author of the material and proper citation to the group so that others might join!

5. Objectionable use

Do not use the group for anything that could be legally actionable or personally offensive, e.g. inciting racial hatred, libel, defamatory statements, publishing gross obscenities or other statements likely to hurt others.

The moderators of the TC-OF Group will remove or suspend anyone doing so after due warning, and will reserve the right to take legal action against them if necessary. This is both a right and an obligation on the TC-OF Moderators as we are "publishers" by running this group.

To make discussion possible in a free flowing setting and for critical analysis, members agree not to implicate the list, the list owner and moderators, or Yahoo in any legal actions related to matters discussed here.

6. Sanctions and responsibilities of the Moderators

As a last resort, the Moderators reserve the right to suspend or ban someone if they grossly abuse the spirit of the group or breach the rules of the group. We may well consult with the group about this, but have to retain final responsibility for this if we do it.

As Moderators we will do our best to maintain the group appropriately on the technical level. Most of the technical functions of the group are taken care of automatically by Yahoogroups, and we can accept no responsibility for technical problems beyond our control, or in the unlikely event of consequent damage or inconvenience. In areas in which we can have control - problems of bouncing, or joining, or accessing files and so on - we will do our best to respond quickly; but there may be times when we are away from computers and/or off the group for more or less extended periods (crashed computers, for example, or holidays), and can't. Please accept our apologies if this happens, and hang in there - we will be back!

7. Addresses for web access, subscription, unsubscription, problems and receiving emails

To visit your group on the web or to subscribe, go to: or send an email to

To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:

In the event that your Email address changes Yahoo allows you to change your email address through the web. If you have any difficulties with this contact us on:

Yahoo groups also allow you to decide whether to receive emails from the group and to temporarily turn them off for example during holidays. Yahoo also allows you to decide the nature of the way you receive emails - for example, one by one as they come, or bundled together, in digest form. If you decide not to receive emails by way of your inbox, you can always read messages and post to the group on the web, at

To see the group's Web Pages and Web Extensions please go to

8. Archiving of messages -- copyright Every submission sent to this group is archived automatically by Yahoogroups, and these archives are accessible to all members, now and in the future. You should therefore assume not only that anything you post to the group gets copied to everyone on the group at the time that you send it, but that it will be possible for anybody who joins the group to re-read your postings at any time in the future. You are assumed to license the group owner to do this holding and publishing of your copyright material (yes, everything original you ever write is automatically copyright to you!) by joining and posting to the group. If you cannot agree to this then you should unsubscribe from the group. If you inadvertently post something confidential to the list, get in touch with the Owner/Moderators straight away, at

9. When/if you leave

To unsubscribe from this group send an email to: . Before you go, however, we would be very grateful if you could take a moment to send a message to just letting us know why, or sharing thoughts and feelings about the group generally.

10. Group owner/administrator/maintainer/moderators

At the time of posting, the "Owner" of the group is Ian Milne, and the Moderators with him are Dennie Briggs, Dr Kevin Healey, Sarah Paget, Mark Freestone and Dr Craig Fees.

Our personal emails are -- Dennie Briggs -- Dr Craig Fees -- Dr. Kevin Healy -- Sarah Paget -- Mark Freestone -- Ian Milne

Welcome again to those of you who got this far!

Dennie Briggs, Craig Fees, Kevin Healy, Mark Freestone, Sarah Paget and Ian Milne Moderators

Document updated 12/10/2006 (rev 4)

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