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50 YEARS OF WRITING Looks great! You guys have done a terrific job. I'm enclosing an idea for organization: putting the stuff into say 4 categories: therapeutic communities, criminal justice, education, and psychology. A kind of way to make things handy. What do you think? Please feel free to edit, omit, or trash!


To do

Any recordings/photos/videos/film clips (? Craig) Ian


  • HOME STUDY COURSES (with cassettes) developed for health care professionals. (1987-88):
    • 1968. "Three Brief Encounters Concerning Separation;" "Painful Moments of Discovery." Videotape documentaries of encounter group with university students. San Francisco State University.
    • 1979 (with Marion Marzinski). "We Are All Judges." Videotape documentary of a trial of a minor convicted as an adult. [to commemorate the U.N.’s International Year of the Child, on rights of youth and justice]. Governors State University of Illinois.
  • "The New Healers: A Seminar with Harold Bloomfield, MD, Irving Oyle, OD, Jack Schwarz, and Patricia Sun."
  • "Holistic Perspectives on Health Care: A Visit with Harold Bloomfield, MD and Larry Dossey, MD."
  • "Relationships: A Roundtable."
  • "Health Through Self-Care: A Conversation with Tom Ferguson, MD."
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