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Saturday 31 October 2020

Therapeutic Communities Around the World

Clickable map of Europe


The Royal College of Psychiatrists is putting together a series of volumes on therapeutic community and therapeutic communities around the world. Volume One will be a guide to Therapeutic Communities in Europe, and is being edited by Dr. Craig Fees, Jan Lees, Adrian Worrall, and Prof. Dr. Eric Broekaert.

Your help in taking it further will be very much appreciated. Do you know of a community or group which should be included? Can you help with search terms (what is "therapeutic community" called locally?) What are the local Organizations? Who should we be contacting? Have we made mistakes in the information we have included?

To add a community, or to help with contacts or other information, please click here Submit, or get in touch directly with Dr. Craig Fees

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ATC=Association of Therapeutic Communities [BFTC]=Bulgarian Federation of Therapeutic Communities
[CHG]=Charterhouse Group of Therapeutic Communities [COC]=Community of Communities
[EFTC]=European Federation of Therapeutic Communities [EURO-TC]=European Treatment Centers for Drug Addiction
[IFTC]=Italian Federation of Therapeutic Communities [PFTC]=Polish Federation of Therapeutic Communities



AREA OF WORK COMMUNITIES [and Organizational Affiliation, if any]: COMMENTS
Mental Health Mental Health info replaces this Leave the pipe character at the beginning*** *
Prison/ Forensic units Prison Info replaces this*** *
Addictions Addictions info replaces this*** *
Children/ Young People Childrens info replaces this*** *
Special Populations Special Populations info replaces this*** *
Self help groups/ communities Self help groups /communities info replaces this *
To be placed /other To be placed/other info replaces this*** *
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