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Rowdy Yates *** *** RY to CF 16.2.2006 Email: "As for sometthing on the UK - I'd certainly be happy to write something with Bob if he's willing."

CF 16.2.2006 Email: Hello, Rowdy,

I expect you know about the Royal College of Psychiatrists Research Unit project to put together a series of volumes on therapeutic community around the world, starting with "Therapeutic Communities in Europe". I've mentioned it a couple of times on the jiscmail list, and I would guess, through Eric and Jan and others, that you knew of it before I did. I'll attach the "Authors Guidelines", which will give an idea of the current state of play.

Two questions:

A week or so ago there was an email to you which mistakenly wound up on the EFTC email list. I didn't read it, because it was clearly not intended for us, but I did notice it mentioning therapeutic communities in France. From an Internet-search point of view, France is almost (not quite, but almost) a wilderness from the various 'therapeutic community' search terms point of view, and I am wondering whether you can recommend someone I could approach to possibly write about the addictions therapeutic communities in France, or who could themselves suggest someone.

We are also moving to the point of commissioning people to write about the situation in Britain, and you and Bob Campbell seem the obvious people to approach either to write the section on addictions and/or other areas of expertise; or if you feel you can't do it, to suggest someone who can. I haven't approached Bob Campbell yet, because I felt it made sense to canvass your thoughts first, and how it might be best to approach the writing.

The second file may appear longer and more complex than it is, because of replication of questions for each of the five categories of therapeutic community with which we're working

Bob Campbell Bob.campbell@PHOENIXHOUSE.ORG.UK *** Bob Campbell to CF 27.2.2006 via Rowdy Yates Email: To: Rowdy Yates /Cc: Craigtfees2@aol.com / Subject: FW: "Therapeutic Communities in Europe" book

Hi Rowdy,

Can you do me a favour and send this on to Craig…There’s some problem with the Phoenix House domain and aol so my message keeps on bouncing back. / Cheers / Bob

From: Bob Campbell Sent: 20 February 2006 12:01 To: Craigtfees2@aol.com Cc: 'p.r.yates@stir.ac.uk' Subject: RE: "Therapeutic Communities in Europe" book

Dear Craig,

I would be delighted to contribute to the above >especially in collaboration with Rowdy. I’ll have a word with him via my friend Zardos to sort out which sections to lead on.

Best wishes


CF to Bob Campbell 20.2.2006 Email: Dear Bob,

The Research Unit of the Royal College of Psychiatrists is putting together a series of volumes on therapeutic community and therapeutic communities around the world, starting with Therapeutic Communities in Europe. For the purposes of 'Therapeutic Communities in Europe' we have broken the wide territory of 'therapeutic community' into five very broad categories: Mental Health, Addictions, Prison/forensic, Children and Young People, and Special Populations. The core of the volume will be a series of chapters on the different types of therapeutic community within individual countries. Rowdy Yates has said he would be willing to help write the Addictions section in the United Kingdom chapter, in association with you. The question then is, whether you would be willing to help write the section in association with Rowdy. I think the extra-terrestrial association could be either a help or a hindrance, depending on how it is played.

I am attaching two files, to give some sense of what you would be agreeing to. The first is an overview of the project for Authors. The second is a Chapter Template, as a Word.doc form with grey boxes which should expand as you type into them. The 'Chapter Template' is longer and more-complex seeming than it really is, because each set of questions is duplicated for each type of therapeutic community.

Hoping you will say yes, and with all best wishes,

Craig (Fees)

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