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I have been an avid producer of tc and therapy related cartoons. I'm not sure whether others have also done this. Over the next few months I will try to upload some of my cartoons to this page. If this is possible?

Here is the first cartoon:


Now here are some more ( I will write some explanation of their context at a later date):

Image:cartoons 05a.jpg

Image:cartoons 06.jpg

This cartoon was drawn just before I left Webb House at the end of April 2003. At this point the cartoons had become a part of the institution rather than a rebellious expression.

Image:cartoons 07.jpg

This cartoon is a later addition to the "reality confrontation" cartoon that was one of the Henderson Hospital 1999 Calendar Cartoons. I will add these cartoons to this collection when I have scanned them in. The inspiration came from lambasting Rapoport's 4 themes: reality confrontation, permissiveness, communalism and democratisation (I think!). Hypocritical feedback was another aspect of TC life. Physic heal thyself!

Image:cartoons 04.jpg

Image:cartoons 03.jpg

This cartoon was drawn after a meeting to discuss the lottery funded Research on what makes TC's therapeutic with Jan Lees and Nick Manning at Nottingham. I think this was some time in 2000. The point I'm trying to make is that we are people studying other people. I guess it is trying to say something about the resonance that occurs in TC's between staff and residents, the researchers and the researching.

Image:cartoons 02.jpg

Image:cartoons 01.jpg

Image:cartoons 08.jpg

Image:cartoons 09a.jpg

Image:cartoons 10.jpg

Image:cartoons 01a.jpg

Image:cartoons 02a.jpg

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