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If this works - if you receive a message that your talk space has changed on the web-site, then we have successfully set up another level of communication for ATC-CWG, the communication working group.

I have created a new "User" of the wiki, with the name atc-cwg, and password "communicate". I have also set up an email address, which should be forwarded to each member of the Communications Working Group. It is also the email address for the user, atc-cwg. So, when this page changes, the wiki will automatically send an email to saying that the page has changed, and that email should go to all of us. That will alert all of us to an addition to this page.

Now, I have put the User Page on Restrict, so only people who have been given viewing privileges will be able to get in. That should mean, I think, that only people with viewing privileges can see this page, or the atc-cwg "user" page. We can therefore use these pages for working with each other; and when one of us changes a document, say, or puts in a comment, we will all automatically be notified. No need to keep checking into the web-page to see if anything has happened, no need to email everyone to say that things have changed.

Perhaps worth trying.

You can leave a note here - your name, if nothing else - if it has workd.


Craig 25.3.2006

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