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Thank you Leave me a message

You're darn polite. Craig here. Have had a look at Contents page. My eyes work better on the vertical than the horizontal - the different things tend to merge for me, despite the lines. But that could just be the way my brain-eye stuff works.

Some of the sections, such as Therapeutic Communities Around the World, we are actively seeking help on, and I wonder if there is any way to highlight this - or, whether it is desirable. Is the whole site develop-able?

I like the Open User approach below the Contents. Structure above, "Your turn" below. I like this site.



Me, again. On the sidebar: I wonder if the "Europe" in World/Europe is necessary or desirable, in the sense that I intend to develop each of the projected volmes: So, not just "TCs in Europe", but "TCs in North America and Mexico", "TCs in Central and South America", "TCs in Australasia" etc. Here's where the nested list would come in handy, but perhaps that can go on Contents page?


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