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Author Year/s Title Content Publication/ Publisher Volume Number Pages Source

Walmsley, Gill 2002 Addressing the Empty Chair: Reflections on fathers' attendance at family appointments in a child mental health setting * M.A. in Therapeutic Child Care, University of Reading (Reading, England) * * PETT
Walton, Henry (ed.) 1971 Small group psychotherapy [incl. Maxwell Jones among authors] * Penguin Books (Harmondsworth, Middlesex) * * PETT
Ward, Adrian 2002 "Opportunity led work: maximising the possibilities for therapeutic communication in everyday interactions" Content Therapeutic Communities 23:2 111-124 PETT
Ward, Adrian; Kasinski, Kajetan; Pooley, Jane and Worthington, Alan (eds.) 2003 Therapeutic Communities for Children and Young People * Jessica Kingsley (London/Philadelphia) * * PETT
Warren-Holland, David 2005 * Some reflections of a decade of experience's in British and American Concept House Therapeutic Communities, 1967 to 1977" David Warren-Holland * Therapeutic Community Open Forum – Therapeutic Community Sources project * * Wiki site

Warren-Holland, David 2002 THE DEVELOPMENT OF "CONCEPT" HOUSES IN GREAT BRITAIN AND SOUTHERN IRELAND 1967 - 1976 David Warren-Holland * Therapeutic Community Open Forum – Therapeutic Community Sources project * * Wiki site
Wayne, Peter 1997 "The Prisoner" * Prospect Magazine 22: August 1997 * *
Weaver, Anthony 1959 They Steal for Love: An Experiment in Education and Psychiatry with Children and Parents * Max Parrish (London) * * PETT
Weeks, H. Ashley 1963 Youthful Offenders at Highfields: An evaluation of the effects of the short-term treatment of delinquent boys * Ann Arbor Paperbacks, University of Michigan Press * * PETT
Weihs, Thomas J. 1991 Das Entwicklungs-Gestorte Kind: Heilpadagogische erfahrungen in der Therapeutischen Gemeinschaft * Verlag Freies Geistesleben (Stuttgart) * * PETT
Wessen, Albert F. (compiler and ed.) 1964 The Psychiatric Hospital as a Social System * Charles C. Thomas (Springfield, Illinois) * * PETT
Wexler, H.K. (1995) 1995 The Success of Therapeutic Communities for Substance Abusers in American Prisons * Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 27:1 57-66 *
Wexler, Harry K., Melnick, Gerald; Lowe, Lois; and Peters, Jean 1999 "Three-Year Reincarceration Outcomes for Amity In-Prison Therapeutic Community and Aftercare in California" * The Prison Journal 79:3 (September) 321-336 *
Whitehorn, John C. et al 1961 Chesnut Lodge Symposium: Papers Presented on the Fiftieth Anniversary 1910-1960 * The William Alanson White Institute (Washington, D.C.) * * PETT
Whiteley, Stuart; Briggs, Dennie; Turner, Merfyn 1972 Dealing with Deviants * The Hogarth Press (London) * * PETT
Whittaker, James K. and Trieschman, Albert E. (eds.) 1972 Children Away From Home: A sourcebook of residential treatment * Aldine Publishing (Chicago) * * PETT
Whitwell, John 1989 The Cotswold Community: A Healing Culture * International Journal of Therapeutic Communities Vol. 10(1) * PETT
Whitwell, John 1989 "The Residential Treatment of Unintegrated Children: Implications for Therapeutic Communities" * The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities vol. 10(2) * PETT
Whitwell, John 1992 "Gravel Barons versus a Therapeutic Community" * Therapeutic Communities Vol 13 No. 2 * PETT
Whitwell, John 1994 Staying Alive. Is There a Future for Long Term Psychotherapeutic Child Care? * Therapeutic Communities Vol 15 No. 2 * PETT

Whitwell, John 1998 "What is a Therapeutic Community?" * Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: A Peer Reviewed Journal Vol. 3 No. 1 * PETT
Whitwell, John 1998 "Management issues in Milieu Therapy: Boundaries and parameters" * Therapeutic Communities Vol. 19 No.2 * PETT
Whitwell, John 1998 "The Experience of External COnsultancy in a Therapeutic Community for Children" * Therapeutic Communities Vol. 19 No.3 * PETT
Whitwell, John 2002 "Therapeutic Child Care" * Published in "Re-framing Children's Services" Edited by Keith J White NCVCCO Annual Review Journal No.3 * *
Wiley, Juniper 1996 Precarious Haven * Westview Press (Boulder, Colorado, and Oxford, England) * * PETT
Wills, W. David 1941 The Hawkspur Experiment: An Inforrmal Account of the Training of Wayward Adolescents * George Allen & Unwin (London) * * PETT
Wills, W. David 1944 "Barns House: A Hostel for Difficult Boys Evacuated from Edinburgh"

in “Evacuation in Scotland: A Record of Events and Experiments"

* Publications of the Scottish Council for Research in Education XXII

University of London Press (Bickley, Kent)

* 192-211 PETT
Wills, W. David 1945 The Barns Experiment * George Allen & Unwin (London) * * PETT
Wills, W. David 1960 Throw Away Thy Rod: Living with difficult children * Victor Gollancz, London * * PETT
Wills, W. David 1962 Common Sense About Young Offenders * Victor Gollancz (London)/ The MacMillan Company (New York) * * PETT
Wills, W. David 1964 Homer Lane: A Biography * George Allen & Unwin (London) * * PETT
Wills, W. David 1970 A Place Like Home: A Pioneer Hostel for Boys * George Allen & Unwin (London) * * PETT
Wills, W. David 1971 Spare the Child: The Story of an Experimental Approved School * Penguin Books (Middlesex, England) * * PETT
Wilmer, Harry A. 1952 This is Your World: A book for the orientation of professional workers to the emotional problems of the chronically ill patient; tuberculosis and the individual * Charles C. Thomas (Springfield, Illinois) * * PETT
Wilmer, Harry A. 1958 Social Psychiatry in Action: A Therapeutic Community * Charles C. Thomas (Springfield, Illinois) * * PETT
Wilsey, Sean 2005 Oh The Glory Of It All * Penguin (New York) * * PETT
Wilson, Holly Skodol 1974 Infra Controlling - the Social Order of Freedom in an Anti-Psychiatry Community * PhD., University of California, Berkeley * * *
Winters, Ken C. 1999 Treatment of Adolescents With Substance Use Disorders Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series 32 * U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES

Public Health Service Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Center for Substance Abuse Treatment DHHS Publication No. (SMA) 99-3283

* * *
Woods, William J.; Guydish, Joseph R.; Sorensen, James L.; Coutts, Adama; Bostrom, Alan; Acampora, Alfonso 1999 Changes in HIV-related risk behaviors following drug abuse treatment Objectives: To measure changes in HIV-related injection drug and sexual risk behaviors following drug treatment in a therapeutic community program.

Methods: We conducted a prospective cohort study of 261 drug users, randomly assigned to day or residential treatment. Participants were interviewed 2 weeks after entering treatment and 6, 12 and 18 months later (follow-up rate: 83%).

Results: Greater reductions in injection risk behaviors were associated with more time in treatment and the later waves of measurement. Wave was also associated with a reduction of sexual risk behavior.

Conclusions: Drug abuse treatment was associated with a decrease in HIV-related risk behavior.

AIDS Volume 13(15) 22 October 1999 pp 2151-2155 *


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