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This Advent Calendar was produced in time for Christmas 2001. The community had been running for about 15 months. The first cohort of residents left by the end of September 2001. Of the 12 that began the TC, 2 finished the complete year.

I'm not sure how the calendar started. I have a rough scrap of paper that has a list of dates and ideas for cartoons. It is possible that it was a collaboration with the Art Work Group, although I might be making it up. I'm sure some of the discussion was had around the TV in the main living room. We all pooled our ideas for cartoons. I agreed to draw most of them, although some were drawn by residents. One (the 18th) was left for someone to do, but they didn't get round to it and so did "Webb House in a Blizzard". The calendar was displayed each year after that (2002 and 2003). It was usually positioned opposite the smoke room on the way to the kitchen, dining room and snooker room.

Some of the cartoons refer to issues that were important to the community at the time, others are more universal, others are just silly!!

--Cartoonmonkey 11:12, 14 September 2006 (BST)

Click on the 'click here' to see the cartoon behind each door!


Day One

Image:day1.jpg click here

Day Two

Image:day2.jpg click here

Day Three

Image:day3.jpg click here

Day Four

Image:day4.jpg click here

Day Five

Image:day5.jpg click here

Day Six

Image:day6.jpg click here

Day Seven

Image:day7.jpg click here

Day Eight

Image:day8.jpg click here

Day Nine

Image:day9.jpg click here

Day Ten

Image:day10.jpg click here

Day Eleven

Image:day11.jpg click here

Day Twelve

Image:day12.jpg click here

Day Thirteen

Image:day13.jpg click here

Day Fourteen

Image:day14.jpg click here

Day Fifteen

Image:day15.jpg click here

Day Sixteen

Image:day16.jpg click here

Day Seventeen

Image:day17.jpg click here

Day Eighteen

Image:day18.jpg click here

Day Nineteen

Image:day19.jpg click here

Day Twenty

Image:day20.jpg click here

Day Twenty-One

Image:day21.jpg click here

Day Twenty-Two

Image:day22.jpg click here

Day Twenty-Three

Image:day23.jpg click here

Day Twenty-Four

Image:day24.jpg click here

Day Twenty-Five

Image:day25.jpg click here

Day Twenty-Six

Image:day26.jpg click here

Day Twenty-Seven

Image:day27.jpg click here

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