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To copy a word file to wiki do the following. This involves using a macro. You may have trouble running a macro if your security software intervenes.

The steps for setting up are as follows.


  1. Open the file you wish to convert in Word
  2. Press ALT and F11 together
  3. File/ import file - choose word2wiki.bas and press open
  4. Nothing seems to happen - close window with topright X
  5. You are back to document
  6. Press ALT and F8 and choose macro word2mediawiki and press run
  7. Hey presto it is there selected and converted. It is also on the clipboard at this point
  8. Open edit for relevant wiki page and Paste into it and save
  9. Check and adjust


Wiki to Word is easy, just save the desired page if you were in edit mode, highlight the text and copy it and then paste it in Word. You keep all your formatting, as in wiki original

You get a bit extra for your money, but it can be easily sorted out with search and replace, edits and table of contents for example, however you can suppress these see below.

  • To suppress the Table of contents in wiki you enter anywher in edit of doument __NOTOC__which is a magic word. The underline is 2 underline characters.
  • and to suppress the edit you use __NOEDITSECTION__

So if you cut and paste the following in your document you will have a document that you can copy from the screen and paste straight into word with all formatting preserved.



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